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Car Engine


Diagnostic testing is by far the most efficient way to test your car and find faults that could take many hours to figure out. We offer packages of regular testing and one-off testing to suit you. 

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What is diagnostic testing?

Using specialised software and tools, we can now find out what faults your car has even if they are not obvious. This is thanks to built in processors, microchips and sensors. 

Car Mechanic with Tablet

What can be tested for?  

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems with a car's engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and many other major components. It can also reveal problems in the performance and fuel delivery. 

Car Engine

What are the benefits? 

Diagnostic testing saves time and money at the mechanics with fault-finding and getting to the root of a problem. It can also reveal a problem before it's obvious meaning you can fix it early.


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